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The 2019 Music Policy Forum Summit will place October 25-26, 2019 at Georgetown University and brings together several hundred musicians, researchers, policymakers, industry and nonprofit leaders, and other stakeholders into a wide-ranging exploration of some of the most promising and exciting thought leadership in the music and policy space.


At the Mic

Music Policy Forum Summit features some of today's leading minds in music, policy, technology, and music innovation. Presentations will be headlined by musicians Dessa and Erin McKeown, researchers Kwende Kefentse and Michael Seman, organizer Kevin Erickson, tech entrepreneur Jacoby Dubose, Music Canada Live Executive Director Erin Benjamin and New Orleans Jazz Museum Director Greg Lambousy, and many more.

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two days of programming

On October 25-26, music industry supporters will gather for two days to explore a highly curated agenda about the future of music.



presentation TOPICS

Leaders from the industry lead compelling, inspiring, and provoking discussions around music policy and impact.



participants + speakers

Hundreds of musicians, policymakers, activists, researchers, nonprofit leaders and citizens gather at MPF Summit. Join us!


IN REVIEW: 2018 Theme: What's Now + What's Next

The biggest constant in the music community is change. The Music Policy Forum Summit shines a spotlight on some of the most compelling, inspiring and, sometimes, frustrating developments in public policy, innovative thought leadership, research, technology and culture.  Join us as we take a look at where we are today, and how we're defining the future.

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IN REVIEW: The Set List

The 2018 Music Policy Forum Summit is a two-day event packed with leading voices and inspirational thinkers from the music, policy, and technology industries. Check out the lineup of topics, panels, conversations, and events in our program agenda.



Music Policy Forum mission:

Developing vibrant music economies that support professional musicians, enhance communities, and support local creativity.

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